Thursday, January 20, 2011

Vannara's Basic Catalogue

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb
Finally, It's a Wrap!! Just finished editing Vannara's Basic Edition Catalogue. This is one of my favourite tasks. Using photoshop for editing, cropping, etc. Thank Allah that I had a chance to study at Prodes (major at Interior Design) after I graduated from Chemical Engineering. I learn so much things about designing using photoshop and corel. And tomorrow, I will take a Pattern Making and Sewing Course for 6 months. Well, it's never too late to learn. So wish me luck!!
Mm.. to much intro. Hehehe... Just take a look at this!!!
Click for larger image
And the website will be updated soon..!! Still waiting for several item from our production house... Please..please be patient.. :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

TV Talk Show

Alhamdulillah, I'm starting this year with 2 TV Talkshow. First, on Metro TV East Java. The discussion was about Business Franchise Vs Distributor. Me, myself, presenting a distributor. And many people (mostly woman) called asking about how to start a business. So glad that so many people are excited about being an entrepreneur. At the end of the show, the presenter asked me if there's anything that I want to say. And I said : "it doesn't matter whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee. Don't chase ur passion and leave ur opportunity. Just do what you've got in a fun way, and having so much fun in every single way!!! " hehehe... Well, it's only my opinion...

The second tv show was on MHTV (mnc group). And I was with my husband. So, no nervous at all. Hehehe... It's just sumthin different when both of us sit on that studio, talking about our business. And I'm so happy when my manager told me that she's got so many calls and text messages after that tv show. Alhamdulillah....

Bismillah, I hope this is only the start and someday I can perform on a national TV show to promote my business. (let's say together) Amiin...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Business Trip (+ reunion) to Bandung & Jakarta

Assalamualaikum. Wr.wb

Well, here I am, in the airport waiting for my flight to SUB. This is the end of my 4day-trip, and I can't wait to meet my husband and my son!!

The first day, I went to Bdg with my BFF. Hmm.. When I met her I feel like a college student again!!! Chit chat about sooo many things. Sampe berbusa2 (don't know the English version). We spent two days at Bdg, sleep at my friend's home. I was looking for denim material, so they accompanied me to hunt. And after I got that stuffs, we went to so many places. From one FO to another. From one cafe to another. And yes, I screwed my diet. Aaarrgghh...!!! I'm having so much fun, with them. This BFF of mine, is the only person that I heart so much from my college. She absolutely know about everything. Too much secret of me that she knew. ;p One day, we went to one shopping mall from 10am to 8pm!!! Spent lunch and dinner at that mall, dhuhur to maghrib. Unforgettable. At that time, she's the one to go when I was sad. And with her I did my final assignment. With her complicated love story, I hope Allah SWT will Give her a man to be with her and cherish her everyday. Amiin...

Dear , take care, okay??

On the third day, I went to jkt alone, because upiek still have some wedding invitations to attend. And I spent this whole day with my mom. Well, this is also the fun part. Bought this, bought that, fun fun!!! :D
And the last day of my trip, i had a dinner with some of my college pals. Will share the photo soon.. And we had a commitment to meet again on June in Bali with me in a 50 kgs body!!! Hahaha...!!! We'll see...still have 9 kgs more to lose!!!

Btw, in this waiting room, sit in front of me a man, playing his guitar, a lovely music... Well, there's so many beautiful things in life, right?? So, can't you just SMILING and face every single day with a happy feeling??

Boarding time!!! See u soon..!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kids Photoshoot

After Vannara's Photoshoot, I asked Azka n his cousins to join us. Hihihi.. that was my first time capturing them. Well, we had some fun fun fun. Tired but Fun!! Laughing all the time..!!! And... after hundreds captures, here are some of them :

Vannara Basic Edition

Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh..

Two days ago, Vannara held a photoshoot for our new basic edition. With this basic edition, you can mix and match the blouse, abaya, cardigan, with your own style and personal touch. Hmm.. my favorite is the red visron maxi dress. How about yours??

Feel free to visit our website in this January to see our complete collections...!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011, New Energy

Happy New Year everyone..!!! As usual, I spent the last day of a year at home. Doing nothing. In my opinion, it's nothing special with new year. We're just having a new date, a new calendar, a new year. So, it's okay if there's no celebration all... One thing I hate about new year is the firecracker. It's just disturbing... Well, despite of that thing, automatically in this new year, I have brighter sight, new mission, greater spirit, and soooo...many plans. But let's talk about my highlight of 2010 first...
1. The most unpredictable, unbelievable, indescribable thing is Alhamdulillah, I've done my 5th 'rukun Islam' , with my husband. Well, I can't say any words to tell about that most incredible trip EVER.
2. There's an increasing of Vannara's omzet.
3. Finally I launched Tanisha (maternity and nursing wear for Moslem)
4. Azka showed us so many amazing progress last year.

Not so many achievements though, but I'm so glad I still have the chance to feel all of it.

For 2011, I hope I can explore more, giving more contribution to Indonesia, with all of my ability. I hope Vannara will have more variety of products, I can launch my new brand like Z A R A for moslemah named Z A H R A. Hahaha...!!! I don't know whether I will use that name or not. Actually It's kinda impossible to realize this year because it's just sooo....long way to go... But, who knows??

And I hope I can maintain this blog, try to post routine, and try to write a good grammar of English. ;p So sorry for all the inconvenience during reading my blog.. :)