Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011, New Energy

Happy New Year everyone..!!! As usual, I spent the last day of a year at home. Doing nothing. In my opinion, it's nothing special with new year. We're just having a new date, a new calendar, a new year. So, it's okay if there's no celebration all... One thing I hate about new year is the firecracker. It's just disturbing... Well, despite of that thing, automatically in this new year, I have brighter sight, new mission, greater spirit, and soooo...many plans. But let's talk about my highlight of 2010 first...
1. The most unpredictable, unbelievable, indescribable thing is Alhamdulillah, I've done my 5th 'rukun Islam' , with my husband. Well, I can't say any words to tell about that most incredible trip EVER.
2. There's an increasing of Vannara's omzet.
3. Finally I launched Tanisha (maternity and nursing wear for Moslem)
4. Azka showed us so many amazing progress last year.

Not so many achievements though, but I'm so glad I still have the chance to feel all of it.

For 2011, I hope I can explore more, giving more contribution to Indonesia, with all of my ability. I hope Vannara will have more variety of products, I can launch my new brand like Z A R A for moslemah named Z A H R A. Hahaha...!!! I don't know whether I will use that name or not. Actually It's kinda impossible to realize this year because it's just sooo....long way to go... But, who knows??

And I hope I can maintain this blog, try to post routine, and try to write a good grammar of English. ;p So sorry for all the inconvenience during reading my blog.. :)

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