Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Business Trip (+ reunion) to Bandung & Jakarta

Assalamualaikum. Wr.wb

Well, here I am, in the airport waiting for my flight to SUB. This is the end of my 4day-trip, and I can't wait to meet my husband and my son!!

The first day, I went to Bdg with my BFF. Hmm.. When I met her I feel like a college student again!!! Chit chat about sooo many things. Sampe berbusa2 (don't know the English version). We spent two days at Bdg, sleep at my friend's home. I was looking for denim material, so they accompanied me to hunt. And after I got that stuffs, we went to so many places. From one FO to another. From one cafe to another. And yes, I screwed my diet. Aaarrgghh...!!! I'm having so much fun, with them. This BFF of mine, is the only person that I heart so much from my college. She absolutely know about everything. Too much secret of me that she knew. ;p One day, we went to one shopping mall from 10am to 8pm!!! Spent lunch and dinner at that mall, dhuhur to maghrib. Unforgettable. At that time, she's the one to go when I was sad. And with her I did my final assignment. With her complicated love story, I hope Allah SWT will Give her a man to be with her and cherish her everyday. Amiin...

Dear upieksanupiek.wordpress.com , take care, okay??

On the third day, I went to jkt alone, because upiek still have some wedding invitations to attend. And I spent this whole day with my mom. Well, this is also the fun part. Bought this, bought that, hmm...fun fun fun!!! :D
And the last day of my trip, i had a dinner with some of my college pals. Will share the photo soon.. And we had a commitment to meet again on June in Bali with me in a 50 kgs body!!! Hahaha...!!! We'll see...still have 9 kgs more to lose!!!

Btw, in this waiting room, sit in front of me a man, playing his guitar, a lovely music... Well, there's so many beautiful things in life, right?? So, can't you just SMILING and face every single day with a happy feeling??

Boarding time!!! See u soon..!!!

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